Veg. Option

Spicy level


Causa Limeña   Elaborated casserole, layers of smooth potato puree flavored with lime and chili, and a tuna onion and mayonnaise filling. 7,50€

Anticuchos   Skewers of beef heart filets marinated and cooked on the grill. 9,50€

Conchitas a la Parmesana   Scallops marinated in lemon juice and white wine, then broiled with cheese and butter. 17€

Tamales   Tasty corn meal that hides a delicious filling of chicken, hard-boiled egg, olives and chili, all wrapped in the traditional banana leaf.  7,80€

Choritos a la Chalaca   Mussel, corn, chili, tomato and coriander mounted and served in the shell of the mussel.  13€

Papa a la Huancaína   Boiled potatoes in a delicious creamy sauce of fresh cheese, chili and peanuts.  8€


Ceviche  White fish marinated in lemon juice and chili. Fresh, healthy and light.  11,50€

    -Mixto seafood cocktail.  15€


Tequeños     Fried breaded cheese, meat or pulled chicken sticks, accompanied with one of our delicious salsas.  8€


Yuca Frita    Crunchy and golden on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside. 4,50€


Chips de Camote   Seasoned slices of fried sweet potato.  6€

Papa Rellena    Stuffed seasoned potato ball filled with a sauté of ground meat, onion, raison and hard-boiled egg.  8,50€


Ají de Gallina   Tender chicken breast pulled and stewed in a cream of yellow chili, cheese and finely chopped nuts.  12€

Seco de Cordero Succulent lamb stew cooked in a picaresque sauce of coriander and rocoto chili, served with rice and potato.  14€

Chicharr ón de Cerdo  Fried seasoned pork/chicken served with yuca and the unforgatable creole sauce.  10€


Parrillada   Grilled beef, chicken, pork chop, beef heart, chorizo and pork sausage with French fries and a side salad.  18€

Pollo al Horno Delicious roast chicken with all the flavor of the classic Peruvian roast chicken served with potatoes and salad. 9,50/12,50/18,50€


Arroz Chaufa  Fried rice, vegetables, meat and scrambled egg, seasoned with ginger and soy sauce.  10€

Arroz Tapado A tower of white rice layers, and between layers a succulent sauté of ground beef, crowned with corn and hard-boiled egg.  7,50€

Lomo Saltado Tender strips of beef loin sautéed in soy sauce. Served with fried potatoes and rice.  12€


Tallarín  Saltado  Exquisite noodles sautéed in a wok with vegetables, strips of beef and soy sauce.  11€


Pescado a la Chorrillana  Stewed fish in a sauce of onion, tomato, yellow chili, and spices. Served with a side of yuca.  13€

Pescado a lo Macho  The “bravest” fish of the sea! Tossed in a spicy cream sauce of seafood. Do you dare?  16€

Jalea Mixta   Seafood breaded and fried then topped with a spicy creole sauce and mayonnaise.  12€

Escabeche  de Pescado   Succulent filet of fish marinated with pickled onions in vinegar and chili served on a bed of boiled potatoes.  13€

Chicharrón  de Pescado    Tender pieces of fish fried and then dressed with lemon juice and spices, served with a side of yuca and creole sauce.  12€


Sudado de Pescado   Soup of fish with yuca, tomato, onion and chili.  13€

Parihuela de Mariscos  Aphrodisiacal seafood stew, succulent mixture of seafood, with onion, tomato and chili.  17€

Chupe de Camarones   Soup of rice, shrimp, fish, cheese, milk, corn and egg.  17€


Stuffed chocolates    2,5€

Custard 4€

Lúcuma Ice Cream  5,50€

Tres Leches    5,50€

Lemon Pie 5,50€

Cheesecake de Dulce de Leche/Maracuyá  5,50€

Chocolate  Cake    5,50€

Carrot Cake 5,50€

Alfajores 1,50€